Navigating complex organisations: William Grant

Pearlfinders has spoken to the marketing decision-makers for every major brand in the William Grant & Sons portfolio. At group level, the focus for 2017 is on broadening the appeal of each of its brands, while maintaining their unique positioning. But each brand needs to reach out beyond its core audience and become more mainstream without losing its unique qualities and image. 

Pearlfinders clients - equipped with specific intelligence on the challenges and objectives that each individual brand team is facing - are able to identify which brands they are best suited to working with and tailoring their approach accordingly. 

  • Drambuie  - "The goal is to make our target audience more aware of the brand’s versatility." - Global Marketing Manager
  • Monkey Shoulder - "We want to challenge the view that whisky is overpowering or masculine" - Global Brand Manager
  • Sailor Jerry - "We are looking to better engage with female drinkers - our core audience is aged 21-34" - Senior Brand Manager
  • Glenfiddich - "We're shifting away from old-fashioned notions of the brand - including our Scottish heritage" - Global Marketing Manager
  • Hendrick's Gin -"Mass awareness is counterproductive - we want to create advocacy through exclusive events" - Global Brand Manager
  • Grant's Whisky - "We're focused on communicating our premium position, heritage and product quality" - Global Brand Manager