Your free 24 hour access to Pearlfinders will begin tomorrow (or the next working day) at 10am*. We'll send over an email with your personal log-in details beforehand.

What to expect...

Your 24 hour trial will give you instant access to the Pearlfinders platform, which includes:-

  • A database of 60,000 senior decision-makers - verified every 90 days, screened against the CTPS and complete with email, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles

  • Monthly and annual Media Spend Data, financials, competitor and contact info on UK companies

  • Thousands of legitimate reasons to connect: first-hand interviews with budget-holders, annual reports summaries, breaking corporate news, a diary of upcoming supplier reviews and new decision-maker tracking.

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*Tomorrow not a good time?  If you'd like to request an alternative date for your trial, just send an email with your preferred date to