When: Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Where: Regents Park, Pitch 17

The Competition: Mindshare/Ad Colony "Mad Colony"

Kia's Match Report:

Following the monsoon conditions down at Regent’s Park last week resulting in a wash-out tie we were technically in the middle of a two-game unbeaten streak and looking to make it the hattrick as we came up against league newcomers Mindshare. Up against a team full of confidence following a great season and also yet to have their spirit crushed by some of the absolute bureaucrats captaining other Div 2 teams they represented a tough test for a PF team also rebuilding its confidence after the touchpaper finally lit with their first win. The first observation was that this was a team very much in the PF mould – they were late, forgot to bring the right bases and also did not have a ball (not a problem anymore – thank you Charlotte), so ended up borrowing from an adjacent pitch. While the beers and laughs seemed to flow more easily against a likeminded team, helped by the absolute scorcher of an evening, it seemed to lull us into a false sense of security from a team potentially growing complacent after such a big win only weeks ago. 

As the match began PF adopted its customary slow out of the traps technique which allows the oppo a big lead to (sometimes) be reeled in, with Mindshare stretching out to a 5-2 lead after the first innings. While it seemed to have all the trappings of a close and low-scoring match the pattern of them getting one or two more runs than us seemed to continue and before we knew it there were two innings left and we were still about four runs down. Despite weeks of toiling for hours in the wind and rain it seemed as soon as the sun came out both teams were doing their utmost to finish the match in record time, with both sides displaying some pretty woeful batting and slightly better fielding to ensure a low-scoring and tit-for-tat affair. With the match finely poised and PF set for the big comeback their captain took a more strategic approach, altering their batting order to include their big hitters far more than their weaker hitters and then coaching each runner on where to hit and when to run. This tweak soon told and they notched a savage innings, helped by some inept fielding at times, to put the match beyond doubt. The PF team fought on valiantly but the cat was out of the bag and unfortunately we slumped to a 20-10 beating somehow. In a match which always felt like it was ours for the taking we ended up taking a bit of a spanking, but hopefully this was just an aberration in a season which has seen us perform far better. On the plus side it means we are finally entering the summer segment of the season and can look forward to enjoying some long evenings in the park after we get the season back on track. 

Man of the Match: While similar to the last match this week made for a tough decision, even if it is down to a lack of people putting their hand up this time round. Luckily one of this seasons debutants had her best match so far (out of two) and ended up getting round the diamond for two runs, a fifth of the days total and joint top-scorer for the day, and did some of the best in-field play of the season. The fact she did it all without looking like she gave a sh*t and rocking a pair of flatforms means that this week Kitty Hall is the deserved winner. In a week when runs were a scarcity her contribution with the bat showed the kind of consistency we need to develop, always getting on base and managing to scamper round to notch a few runs. However the big play came in the field when one of their batters corked a decent hit into the midfield, luckily for us finding Mulan in wait to spring the trap. While the batter had visions of glory as he swooped round on his way to an imagined homer, Alex flung the ball in the direction of Kitty on third-base. Not only content with taking a tricky catch she also had the foresight to tag the runner as he went past. Some may argue it was just a panicked reaction as the batter ran at her or it could be that she had been scrupulously boning up on the rulebook while missing the first two matches to pass the time in Antigua to know such a play existed…  

Catch of the Match: The easiest decision of the season so far as Kathryn Davies takes the award as she enjoys her Indian summer with both the company and, more importantly, the team. Plonked at backstop is effectively being out in the doldrums for five mins every time we go to field, often left a bystander without a mitt and having to pick up (rare) errant pitches while everyone else has all the fun in the field. While this doesn’t sound like much fun it is also the refuge of the player who isn’t necessarily keen to have a ball hurtling toward them in the field and may want to be able to swig their beer or check their phone as the match goes on. With that in mind Kat was in her own world when their batter swing for the bleachers and only just clipped the underside of the ball, sending it freewheeling backwards at speed right towards Kat. As most of the team took a sharp intake of breath and hoped that it would miss the face, Kat snapped her arms up and plucked the ball right out of the air for the first back-stop catch of the year. Made even better by the fact she had just turned down a mitt from the other teams it was a great way to make her mark before she gets traded out to a team in Canterbury. 

Dick of the Day: Last week I decided it was unfair to give this to anyone when we played so well and this week I’m thinking along the same lines. That and I’m running out of time again. So it goes to the whole team for the comedy of errors with the bat which saw us limited to ten runs against a fairly average pitcher. Hopefully this is just a one off and we can return to someone falling over or offending the other team by next week. Also Killip fell over right at the death – always good to see. 

Thanks again for everyone that came down – we didn’t get the result we wanted but it was definitely one of the more fun matches this season and hopefully a sign of things to come in terms of the sun. For anyone who hasn’t played but is keen to stretch their legs next week please feel free to sign up, or at least come down to top up the tan and see what it’s all about. 

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