When: Thursday, 29 June 2017

Where: Primrose Hill, Pitch 14 

The Competition: Framestore "Flamestore"

Phil's match report:

After the nail biting game 2 weeks ago, when we snuck a victory in extra time, unfortunately there was no repeat heroics this week.

We went 5-0 down after the first innings and didn’t really recover from there, eventually limping over the line at 14-8. We may have set the record for the quickest ever game though if that’s any consolation to anyone at all. We even had time after to play a couple more practice innings while it was still warm and sunny.

The signs were pretty ominous when we were forced to have an automatic out each innings, but enough about Kia’s batting. As usual fielding was our strongest suit with a special mention being given to the rookie Alex Johnson and his laser like throwing ability. A shame his catching wasn’t as up to scratch.. more on that later. Despite our best efforts in the field, Framestore very frequently managed to find the gaps at an increasingly annoying frequency and punishing any error.

Kitty Hall was the epitome of our fielding efforts when she chased their batters from 3rd base to home on two different occasions to try and tag them out. Apparently that’s quicker than throwing the ball.

We actually managed to get round twice more in this game than in our victory two weeks ago, but were playing catch up after the first innings. Rich was our top scorer with a gentlemanly 2. Our other big hitters were kept in check by some superb fielding, most notably when Kia launched an absolute rocket and their 3rd base stuck out a mitt and took a worldie catch.

Plenty to work on before next week, bring on ILM Marketing!

Man of the Match: Rich was the front runner with his 2 runs, but ruled himself out when diving under one of Alex’s throws instead of catching it. The mantle this week goes to Emily Carpenter. She carried her stellar sales form onto the diamond with some good hits, and it was good to have an assured fielder at 2nd base. Her passion/ excitement did spill over at one point, screaming at Lisa “BUT YOU CAN’T (INSERT EXPLETIVE HERE) CATCH” when she dared to try and steal her position.

Catch of the Match: redemption for chasing the batters around Primrose Hill, Kitty took a great catch on 3rd base to clean up one of their innings. Another shout-out to Alex who thought he could catch without a glove. While his first effort led us believe he might be right, his subsequent drops proved otherwise.

Dick of the Day:  Lisa for trying to ruin Emily’s whole week by standing on 2nd base