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Pearlfinders shares insights and predicted spend for every company you wish to add to your client list, generated exclusively by our in-house analysts. Their unique challenges and objectives, their incumbents, competitors, media spend and financials. Stay ahead with our content, which includes:-

Reports - Our analyst-led reports ensure this comprehensive and even coverage. These predictive insights are based on a number of sources - both human and tech-driven.

Briefings - Our special briefings share in-depth insight and data on companies in specific sectors and segments - all in one handy PDF download. Briefings so far this year include: European Unicorns, Challenger Brands and Whisky Business.

Events - Trade events are ideal for initiating relationships with marketing, sponsorship, HR and IT decision-makers. We cover all major events, highlighting the companies to watch out for and their executives attending. We have representatives on the ground, who report live on strategic shifts businesses are about to go through.


Browse our archive of insights when you book a free demonstration of the Pearlfinders platform. In addition, view other features including:-

  • Contact Data - Build, save and export data from Europe’s largest and most-accurate database of 75,000 senior marketing, tech and HR decision-makers updated on a 12 week rolling cycle.

  • Power Moves - We track all major decision-makers, updating you with any role changes or moves, along with GDPR-compliant contact data so you can react accordingly.