I'd like to start off this week's report by setting a few things straight. The girl's have had a lot of stick from many for not securing a win (spoiler alert), but in every other way we smashed it.

On a day that even macs were powerless against water, we had to muster up a lot of strength to cope with one of the toughest games of the season. Belles of the Ball were entering the match from the very top of the leaderboard, with us down in fourth place. The Pearlfinders team was sadly one player short, plus due to complications caused by Noah and his Ark, we started 5 minutes late costing us 5 goals in the process... Shout out to the unbelievably harsh refs for their ruling here.

In our penultimate week we were gelling perfectly as a team, making slick passes between each other and judging free space incredibly well - especially considering we had one less player to pass to. Our shooting team were a comfortably higher success rate than the Belles and our interceptions were a lot more regular. Alas, our player down meant that the other team's WA was always without a defender - making it a lot easier for them to translate their interceptions into shots.

Kitty and Ainslie - as previously nicknamed "the mid-court ninjas" - continued to live up to their names and were anywhere and everywhere as soon as the ball was in our possession. At one point, a jump Kitty made drew parallels with Michael Jordan's jump at the end of Space Jam. (Whether this will be replicated by LeBron in the re-make, only time will tell). 

As we went into Q4, we knew there was too much to do to claw it back, but we went out in style. From Emily's abilty to outrun her defender to always find free space in the shooting circle, to Ainslie's sneaky but effective bounce-passes, it's safe to say we made the Belles a bit embarrassed that the final score was only 8-15 (or 8-10 if we're counting the goals that were wrongfully stripped from us).

Villain of the piece: Goes to Emily this week, who threw a ball at the back of my head as the final whistle blew. This may have been revenge for a similar thing I did to her a few weeks back...

Woman of the match: Goes to Ainslie, who smashed it in defense for half the match, despite it not being her usual position. 

NEXT WEEK - The playoffs! We'll be on at 7pm for our final match against King Prawns (who we comfortably won against last time 18-2)