With a scorecard of two losses and a win, the team was determined to even things up this week with a victory. But, the drops of rain that fell from the sky around about the time of the first whistle did put a bit of a dampener on our hopefulness.

The first quarter saw high possession on our side, with interceptions coming thick and fast from the likes of Ainslie and Kitty (a.k.a, the mid-court ninjas). Unfortunately, we were unable to convert the early chances we had into goals due to the rain, probably. While missed shots occured on both sides, it was our opposition that was able to dig deep and secure that all important first goal, but there was much more still to come.

As the heavens opened up further, (and we conceded a few more balls into the rival net) we knew we had to begin our comeback story. A few changes in attack and defense positions saw an increase in our netting percentage and GS Emily succeeded in winning multiple rebounds from the net and turning them into points. If you looked really closely, you were able to see tangible fear mounting in the enemy's eyes - mainly due to the fact that it was pissing it down and the court was actually getting dangerously slippery. 

We started quarter four 7-4 to the minders of the deep - there was still sufficient work to be done. But we were determined, and as the minutes ticked by, we brought the score up to a nail-biting 8-7. We had about one minute and at least a few more chances. And they came. With about 20 seconds to go, Emily positioned herself in the circle and threw her hands in the air like she genuinely cared a bit. GOAL! The match finished 8-8, and although it wasn't the win we had hoped for, it was still a definite victory.

Villain of the piece - This week it has to be the ref, who made pretty much every girl file down their nails before they were allowed to play. 

Woman of the Match - While everyone dug deep, this week the title goes to Kitty, who, at one point, i'm pretty sure jumped the equivalent of her own height to intercept a pass. 

Next Wednesday we play Jammy Dodgers at 7pm! Let's hope their name doesn't live up to their reputation...