how to Track Brand Buying Signals

All of our reports outline the latest developments and challenges at brands that are great indicators of upcoming investments or reviews. Whether you decide to maker initial contact via email, LinkedIn or phone, using our insights as part of your approach will undoubtedly improve your engagement rate with the individuals you’re targeting.

There are a few ways to filter our content:-


relevance vs most recent

Organise your feed by RELEVANCE or MOST RECENT reports.

Relevance is determined by a few factors, including whether you’ve already read the content, and the sectors you’ve selected in your settings.


Filter by sectors

If you only want to see content in your feed about companies in a specific sector, or exclude sectors that simply aren’t relevant to your company’s offer, you can do this here, or on your settings page.

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Filter by report type

Reports - daily insight and analysis on companies

Moves - new decision-maker appointments

Briefings - market intelligence on multiple companies relating to a particular topic or sector

Lists - ready-made prospect lists for key markets

Events - insight on upcoming sector events and first-hand interviews with attending budget-holders