how to perform an advanced search

You now have access to every piece of content that we’ve produced in your area - an archive of thousands of reports, reviews, contacts and insights. With the Advanced Search feature, it’s simple to find relevant reports.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:-

SEO Search.png


Keywords – A great way to uncover prospects that could be open to investing in a specific service you offer is to run a search based on keyword. Search not just words relating to your niche expertise, but also words associated with challenges that you feel you can help solve. Think laterally and use broader terms rather than ultra-specific jargon.

Postcode search – Search for companies within a certain radius of your office to leverage your local knowledge and willingness to easily meet in person. Your ability to get on site quickly could give you an edge over a competitor!

Company criteria – Narrow your searches to companies within your sweet spot by searching for those that meet certain criteria (e.g. turnover, profit or number of employees). This will help you easily define the size of prospects but also identify smaller prospects that you might not otherwise be aware of.



Job title – Search for individual contacts by job title (e.g. Marketing Director) so that you can run a targeted campaign to decision-makers or key contacts. All contacts are fully exportable using the Excel button.

Sector – Search for contacts in a particular industry so that you can run sector-specific campaigns demonstrating your particular expertise in that vertical.



Find a company - Use the company drop-down tab to search for particular brands or subsidiaries of holding companies.

Company information - You now have access to company information for a large database of companies, all fully searchable by financials, location, sector and keywords. This may be to help research a prospect ahead of making an approach or simply to find contact details (company address and telephone number).