the pearlfinders features designed for you...

We're used by a variety of Business Development professionals from the C-suite down to the front-line. While there might be one main user on the account, our features can be used in many different ways depending on the nature of your role...

if you're in charge of sales and new business

We monitor breaking corporate developments, uncovering high value opportunities in real-time for our clients. Pearlfinders insight, data that is 100% accurate at the time of report publication, and scheduled reviews all combine to make your outreach more compelling and credible. With multiple opportunities to connect with companies every day it’s important to customise your Pearlfinders experience as much as possible to make your use of the service time-efficient.

Our tips:

  • Input the sectors and specialisms that you are most interested in to your ‘User Settings’ in order to quickly view your feed based on relevancy of content
  • Synchronise our Review Diary with your personal calendar to make sure that you don’t miss reviews with companies you’re most interested in

if you're in charge of client development

Pearlfinders provides comprehensive early-warnings on emerging agenda across your portfolios – no matter how well you feel your relationship is with key contacts in companies you’re already working with. The information in our interviews may signify either potential threat or opportunities to grow accounts. We also track breaking corporate developments, new decision-makers joining and fresh investments being planned.

Our tips:

  • Add all of your clients into a client watchlist so that you are alerted to any developments with them
  • Use our organogram-style contact pages to quickly identify new decision-makers to cross and up-sell to

if you're in charge of marketing

Pearlfinders allows marketers to target campaigns based on the actual challenges being faced by common groups of decision-makers and industry sets, whilst enabling precise timing of communications against purchasing intentions and company timescales. Our data is fully exportable, verified every 3 months, and integrates easily into any CRM system.

Our tips:

  • Use our Review Diary to run targeted campaigns to brands likely to be reviewing certain areas at that time
  • Diarise a regular time to export relevant individual contacts and run campaigns targeted via either job role or sector


If you do have any further questions about how you can get the most from the service, please don't hesitate to contact the accounts team at

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)20 78335260.