Brand Tracking: Vita Coco


While Vita Coco launched in the UK in 2010, when Pearlfinders first spoke to the brand early the following year, decisions were still very much led from the US. We spoke to its first UK marketer about the brand's plans to use events and sponsorship to boost its health credentials. Although the initial customer base was varied, we uncovered that it would be initially targeting 23-35 year olds that want a fit and healthy lifestyle.

June 2012 - moving to the next level

We spoke to the UK Marketing Director who confirmed marketing was moving to the next level, after initially focusing on PR and events in the first 2 years. They explained the brand’s difficulty in finding agencies with the “right spark” and discussed upcoming opportunities for UK agencies over the next 2 years.

May 2013 - European expansion

We spoke to a Brand Manager who discussed its plans to invest in music, fashion and sport, as well as expand the brand's UK ambassador programme. We also discussed its expansion plans for mainland Europe.

August 2014 - Not just a London thing

The company's Marketing Director revealed that Vita Coco's UK business was too London-centric and it would be investing in boosting the brand outside of the capital.

August 2015 – A date for the diary

Vita Coco's Marketing Director exclusively revealed to Pearlfinders that there will be a review of agencies in December 2016.

December 2015 – Increasing digital focus

We spoke to the brand's Digital Marketing Manager, who discussed forthcoming opportunities for UK-based digital specialists to work with the brand in 2016.


The brand’s EMEA Marketing Director exclusively revealed to Pearlfinders clients that she will be reviewing in PR and experiential before the end of the year... confirming what she'd told us 11 months earlier.


Update from the brand's EMEA Marketing Director: a current focus is increasing engagement to make sure that it makes a lasting impression on customers - sponsorship is a key platform here.


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