How Pearlfinders is providing an iconic NBA team with an in-depth understanding of its prospective partners 

The client: Chicago Bulls are a world-renowned, iconic American Basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois.  The Chicago Bulls global partnerships team works with current and prospective corporate partners in all parts of the world, including central Europe, China, the Philippines and Mexico.

Senior Manager of Global Sales Will Syring discusses his team's success with Pearlfinders:  “Pearlfinders helps the Chicago Bulls team and I identify brands who are targeting the US market/international expansion."

"By subscribing to multiple regions that Pearlfinders researches, we can find brands to target even if they're not yet based in the US."

"We have been using the platform for nearly a year now and the insight has really helped us have conversations with brands we wouldn’t have otherwise had. The fact that we can quickly identify brands with an interest in basketball, or those targeting audiences that partnering with us can help them reach, is great for starting conversations and gaining an in-depth idea of industry trends they may be facing."

The results: "We are about to renew our subscription with Pearlfinders for another year, as we look to further build our brand internationally. We're confident that with continued regular use of the service we will be able to retain and expand relationships with key sponsors and of course find new brands to work with, in what we hope will be another successful period for the Bulls!"