How Pearlfinders is accelerating new business at the uk's first female focused sports consultancy

The Client: Female Sports Group is the first sports consultancy in the UK to focus exclusively on female and mixed gender sports.

Sponsorship Manager Sam Akers says of Pearlfinders: "I start most mornings by checking out the latest reports on Pearlfinders – prompted by their daily email alerts. Even for those brands that might not be a perfect fit for the properties we represent, it’s great to be on top of what their challenges and priorities are. We’re a small team so their primary insights keeps us informed and saves me valuable time."

"Since the product relaunched in 2016, I’ve been using some of the new features to great effect – I build watchlists of brands if we’re pitching partnerships with a specific event, and track marketers taking on new roles through DecisionMaker Moves." 

"We have won a number of pieces of new business by using Pearlfinders and numerous more meetings"

"At Female Sports Group, closing deals is all about relationship building and getting in front of brands which Pearlfinders helps us do. One of our most recent wins was a partnership between Parkrun and nutrition brand Healthspan."