The Client: We Are MBC delivers business-changing creativity across a host of integrated outputs including branding, design, digital and activation.

Senior Business Development Manager, Ally Mansell-Cook shares how she uses the service: "Each morning when I get into the office I see a recurring reminder I’ve set up to go into Pearlfinders. First things first, I check that day’s content in the feed, and flag up those I’m interested in. I create tasks in my CRM based on these, and the recommended action in each report."

My colleagues and I share reports of interest between us, and I’ve got a number of saved searches set up under My Pearlfinders which are based on sectors and categories I know MBC are particularly strong in. The Watchlist alerts keep me ahead of the game on all of my live prospects and existing clients.


"Pearlfinders is as much a part of my routine as Salesforce and LinkedIn"


When I build approaches to brands I use the organogram of contacts in the company page and often add to these through LinkedIn. I always follow Pearlfinders recommendations and use the insight provided to ensure I can be short, to the point, but completely in line with what I know that brand is trying to achieve.

I monitor the feed throughout the day, every day, but once a week I use the Advanced Search just to make sure I’ve not missed anything. I have a list of triggers that I run searches on such as “mergers” and go through all of that week’s new decision-makers.

I use My Pearlfinders to build folders of different brands I want to target. I have one folder of top-spending brands I know take longer to win, and another of smaller companies I can keep revenue flowing into the agency by.

The Results: Pearlfinders is as much a part of my routine as Salesforce and LinkedIn. I’ve just won my first account through the service, and there’s plenty more to come. I wish you the same success!"