It's been a decade since chip and PIN hit the UK market and there are now 52 contactless card payments made every second. As a result, IT directors in the retail sector are upgrading infrastructure, software, security and storage more frequently than ever. So who should sales teams be targeting?

Early adopters of new technology like Waitrose and Next are constantly stepping up their game, but the sheer volume of customer data and regulation around security and storage means the entire sector must invest. For instance, both Halfords and Asda have discussed upcoming requirements - and supplier preferences - with us recently.

Based on Pearlfinders' first-hand interviews with senior IT budget-holders in the retail sector, between 2014 and 2015 we saw a 50% increase in supplier reviews. The number of reviews scheduled for 2016 has already overtaken this - in the past month, we've profiled upcoming challenges and requirements with:-

Morrisons - IT Operations Manager
LVMH - IT Manager
Farmfoods - IT Manager
WHSmith - Head of Procurement & IT Project Manager
Sainsbury's - Senior IT Procurement Buyer
A Tale of Two CIOs

While virtually the whole sector is increasing IT investment, CIOs are not all as ambitious or cutting edge as each other. To sell IT solutions effectively, you need to understand what your prospects really think. As you can see from the two quotes below from recent Pearlfinders interviews sentiment varies hugely...

"In such a competitive marketplace, with an increasing threat from low-cost retailers, we're constantly reassessing IT to stay ahead of the curve" 

"Suppliers need to understand that we are a retailer, not an IT specialist - suppliers must highlight the real world impact of any investment"

Pearlfinders clients including Virgin Media Business, Avaya, Datapipe, Xchanging and Pulsant use our real-time sales insights to help them win new IT contracts every day. 

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