How Pearlfinders Insight is helping McCann Birmingham identify the brands that are looking to "find their truth". 

The Client: McCann Birmingham is an integrated agency - one of the largest outside London - working with brands including Fiat, Stanley and Vaillant. It has five staff that all use Pearlfinders proactively to both maintain and expand their current client base, and source new business.

Chief Growth Officer, Jonathan Jesson outlines his first-hand experience of Pearlfinders: “Not having Pearlfinders would feel like leaving the house without my watch on. We have regular daily meetings to share content across the new business team, flagging opportunities for growth. Each member of staff focuses on a certain discipline and therefore tracks all the clients and prospects they have within those areas.

McCann staff start each day by looking through the best information sources available to us including Pearlfinders. We save and share relevant reports using the PDF function, to ensure all clients we're working with are monitored closely. From here, new or existing prospects are diarised for follow up via the outlook integration.

We use the ‘suggested action’ on each report to inform when reminders are set, and all proposals are tailored to meet the specific needs of the brand, detailed within the report."


“Not having Pearlfinders would feel like leaving the house without my watch on."


The Results: “We will certainly renew with Pearlfinders as we’ve seen ROI in one deal alone. We've always carefully tracked the brands we approach, noting meetings won and which convert into business. But, since subscribing to Pearlfinders we've had to add a new column to our ROI tracker. Already sitting in that column is a deal won with a leading homeware manufacturer and numerous meetings with brands across the FMCG, retail and travel sectors."