Recruitment drive and improving workplace environment

Recruitment drive: A major recruitment drive is on the cards at discount retailer Aldi, which has laid out its ambitious plan to create 35,000 jobs by 2020 and increase its UK store portfolio from 800 to 1,200 by 2025. Over the last two months Aldi has opened 24 physical stores, 8 of which it launched in a single day, with these alone set to generate 840 new jobs across the business. We expect the company to continue investing to ensure it’s capable of handling current and future recruitment drives; particularly in new rewards and benefits to attract top talent and improve staff retention, and training for new employees that is cost-effective and can be quickly rolled out. Additionally, it will need to ensure that its HR programmes in the UK are scalable enough to accommodate such a large expansion.

Working conditions: We expect Aldi to invest in workplace health and safety and wellbeing next year, in response to negative press it has recently received on the quality of working conditions at the company. This is the case across the supermarket’s supply chain and will certainly be a priority after a recent poll revealed that 48% of Aldi customers would consider switching to a different supermarket that takes the wellbeing of its employees more seriously.  The company does pride itself on being the UK’s highest paying supermarket, having raised staff wages in both 2017 and 2018. It’s worth noting that main rival Lidl is accredited by the Living Wage Foundation, adding a level of authority that Aldi will surely look to emulate.

Employee retention: As with many retailers, staff retention is a major challenge for Aldi and we expect it to increase investment in innovative benefits to ensure that it is ahead of its rivals in this area. We’ve been told that the company is trying to foster a comfortable and satisfying working environment and that it is interested in schemes that reflect this. It currently offers a varied benefits package, that includes fourteen-day sick pay, a cycle-to-work scheme and a company car for select employees.

Revenue: £9bn

Number of UK employees: 30,000

HR providers: NGA Human Resources, ORC International, Kineo Pacific

New appointments this year:

HR Director, UK – Kelly Stokes

Key contacts:

Personnel Development Director – Laura Domone