Budgets freed up from F1 exit – keen to engage millennials

We mentioned it in the BT report, but Martini’s sponsorship of Williams Racing Formula One team - in place since 2014 season - comes to an end after the 2018 season. IN April, Global VP MARTINI Caroline Hipperson left the company to become CMO at Holland & Barrett and Global Brand Director Martini Ignacio Vazquez Guerra shifted to be VP Marketing for Latin America & Caribbean for Bacardi. Caroline was behind the brand’s change of fortunes from a -8% decline to +4% growth.

Mixology for Millennials: the brand wants to make sure it’s connecting with a younger demographic, particularly online – we think it will be on the hunt for partnerships and activation opportunities that deliver this.

Bitter is better: The “bitter is better” trend has boosted everything from Campari to craft beer IPAs, as well as driving the aperitivo moment. This also fits with the trend for drinking lower strength drinks with Martini around 15% abv and much less if mixed with tonic or soda. The brand’s latest line extension is Riserva Speciale Bitter, launched last summer and recommended for making negronis.

Digital: From recent conversations with the insights team, we know it’s looking to leverage data to gain a better understanding of how to present itself across its digital and ecommerce, social media and online ad channels. Specifically, it’s looking to understand how its consumers socialise online, and what effects cultural trends have on their digital journey.

Timing: We know the team is most open to proposals in January – following its planning phase at the end of the calendar year, July – which is typically a quieter month for the brand and September – ahead of Christmas campaigns and annual planning so plan your approach accordingly.

Media Spend Q1-3 2018: £4,215,621 (Bacardi-Martini)

Partnerships: Martini racing Ciclismo, powerboat racing

Key decision-makers:

Global Marketing Manager – MARTINI Richard Georgeconnect

Global Brand VP – MARTINI Nick Stringerconnect