Heinz Beanz (Kraft-Heinz)

Appealing to time-poor professionals

Described by top Heinz marketer Victoria Sjardin as "a category that’s core to the British psyche", Heinz Baked Beanz has made large strides in its quest to appeal to the health-conscious consumer this year. Though its recent ads focusing on protein and fibre content were pulled by the ASA, they demonstrated its desire to align the Beanz brand with the wider desire for protein-rich foods as millennials focus more on ingredient quality and nutritional value. This has driven a premiumisation push designed to also help it stand out from increasing own-brand competition.

The brand will be focused on increasing lunchtime relevance with time-poor audiences and is therefore expected to focus on targeting the pre-family 20-30-year-old market – a segment that is increasingly conducting more frequent, smaller shops. Conveying its brand voice through increased social content is expected to be key, while trial of its new product lines will also be key to dispel perceptions of the brand as an unsuitable or bland lunch option. Content specialists should note the brands increased use of video content via social platforms as a means of reaching the above audience. Its current work with Twisted Media serves to showcase how its products can be used in everyday meals – from fajitas to lasagne and burgers.

Premiumisation through NPD: As Heinz looks to stand out from increasing own-brand competition, it has relied on a large stream of NPD to help communicate a more premium positioning – its new pouch offering for example, is 36% more expensive than the canned version, despite weighing 36% less. With these new products naturally failing to compete with own-brand options on price, the company will use the greater convenience to justify higher price-points, looking to tap into an on-the-go audience in demand of a more protein-rich diet. With NPD expected to continue, budgets for qualitative research projects alongside this are likely to expand, as the brand monitors how new offerings are being perceived by a millennial demographic. New variants include Lentil Curry, Veg Chilli Beanz and Mexican Beans, also aligning it with the growing demand for more unique flavours in millennial diets. We predict the brand will furthermore place greater importance on its veggie and vegan-friendly products – aligning with the growing flexitarian trend.

In-store strategy will focus on reinforcing the brand’s premium value. In-store design and shopper marketing specialists should therefore consider how they can enhance this strategy in the long term. Conveying this relatively new positioning, while still drawing on its strong brand awareness and heritage, is expected to be its core challenge, something to consider prior to reaching out.

Media Spend Q1-3 2018: £8,462,888

Agencies: Havas London, VML (WPP)

Key decision-makers:

Brand Manager, Heinz Baked Beans Mimi Williams - connect

Head of Heinz Brand, Lucy Clark - connect