Personal data safeguards amidst digital transformation

It’s a busy year for the healthcare giant, which has invested in a new Salford HQ and made a raft of senior appointments, including a CIO, Global CISO and Chief Data Officer. We expect these changes to signal a review of the company’s providers and IT solutions as the new decision-makers look to make their mark.

Digital transformation: Bupa has a digital transformation strategy in place and is looking to invest in technology that improves the customer experience. It is also looking to upgrade and digitise its back-office systems to make them more streamlined and efficient. This year it completed a number of projects, including the launch of the MyBupa app in Australia and Chile, which allows customers to make claims, access medical records and book appointments through their mobile devices. It also introduced Bupa Connect in the UK plus video consultations and online appointments in Spain. It has entered into a new partnership with HealthTap and launched an accelerator programme to help start-ups develop healthcare services that harness digital technology. Bupa is at the bleeding-edge and will be looking to uncover the latest tech trends that it can adapt to the healthcare industry.

Security investment: Cyber security is another area we tip the company to be focusing on following the appointment of Ian Baxter as CISO. Ian led the transformation of InfoSec in his previous role as CIO for regulated entities at the company. As the business pursues a digital transformation strategy it will need to ensure it is alert to cyber threats and Ian has experience formulating and leading the digital strategy at a number of companies, including OneFamily and Amlin. Specifically, it will need to invest in better safeguards for the personal data that it holds following a major internal breach in 2017, for which it was recently hit with a £175,000 fine by the ICO.

Centralisation: A longer-term aim for the company, which is working towards greater collaboration between its four main business lines and between the 190 regions in which it works. With its new £65m HQ it has created a centralised hub for all its UK operations, integrating Skype-enabled phones and flexible working. We predict that it will look to integrate further by implementing an advanced centralised comms platform and developing its apps so that its offerings are more connected.

Revenue: £12.25bn

Financial year end: December 31st

IT suppliers: SWAN (CRM), HealthTap, Microsoft Dynamics

New appointments this year:

IT Director, Shared Services – Chris Brown

Group CISO – Ian Baxter

CIO, Bupa Global – Tanju Arslan

Chief Data Officer – Manu Kumar

Other key contacts:

Head of IT Operations – Simon Creegan-Davies