Partnerships to shift consumer perceptions of energy sector

German energy company E.ON, continues to reposition its brand and tackle negative industry perceptions. Its renewable business has rose 14% this year so far, driven by the commissioning of new wind farms and adopting a more positive tone.

Hard act to follow: Its music partnership with Gorillaz was a huge success. Created by AOR WCRS, its online film was viewed more than 100m times, with more than 239,000 hours of content viewed, which led to an 8.1% increase in website traffic. The campaign shifted consumer perception from being seen as a “boring utility company” to an “enabler of amazing solutions” by 94%. We’re confident it will be looking to follow this up in 2019 with a similarly high-impact partnership that integrates with the brand’s broader digital and content strategy.

Purpose-led partnerships: Having unveiled a range of environmentally friendly solar and storage products in April, and with consumer interest in sustainability growing rapidly, we expect it will increase its sponsorship budget to help it shift away from being ‘just an energy provider’. Head of Brand and Customer Communications commented, “This is us being a purpose-led brand and showing we strive for new developments in energy, whether that’s solar or electric vehicle charging.” It also favours partnerships offering consumer benefits, such as its partnership with Sky Cinema across Sky Cinema Premieres and Family channels. Note that its partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, which began in 2016, has been extended to 2020.

Popular pop ups: Viewed by the marketing team as a cost-effective way to compete with the likes of British Gas and SSE, we anticipate more pop-ups from E.ON in 2019. In October it launched its “Recharge Retreat” pop-up, an extension of its “Big Dip” campaign, aimed at shifting consumer perceptions of the energy sector. The mind, body and soul theme fits with its broader feel-good messaging, including a tie-up with Detox Kitchen.

Media Spend Q1-3 2018: £5,774,357

Partnerships: Gorillaz, Festival of Lights in Berlin, Alzheimer’s Society, Detox Kitchen, Gabby Allen (Love Island)

Key decision-makers:

Global Head of Brand & Marketing Communications Emma Inston - connect

Marketing & Communications Director Belinda Moore - connect