New network implemented as a foundation for digital transformation

New network: The brewing giant implemented a new network this year, replacing its legacy MPLS with a hybrid of Tata Communications IZO Internet WAN, IZO SD-WAN and a global VPN. The project was led by CTO Sarah Haywood following her appointment in January, establishing the new network as a foundation for its digital transformation and to act as a platform from which it can develop new technologies to disrupt the industry. The new network supports Carlsberg’s Western European operations, consisting of 130 sites, and has already had a tangible impact; halving the occurrence of major network incidents, increasing bandwidth by 10 times and reducing costs by 25%. With such immediate success being enjoyed we expect that the company will look to extend the network to the rest of its global operations in the new year.

Azure migration: As part of the company’s digital transformation programme, “Sail 22”, it is looking to increase digital connectivity with its customers, supply chain and employees. A significant aspect of this has been the migration to Azure that it carried out this year, providing the business with more stability, agility and collaboration between systems. We expect it to increase its investment in complementary SaaS solutions next year as it adopts a cloud-first policy.

Innovative technology: The next stage for the company will be the introduction of DevOps methodologies and investment in innovative solutions incorporating AI and data analytics. This process is being accelerated following the implementation of its new network and migration to Azure; for example it recently launched a security chatbot solution, “Carrie”, developed by Avanade, which gives employees cyber security support and education. It has also established the Carslberg Research Lab in Denmark where it is exploring machine learning and harnessing big data analytics to uncover insights into how it can improve the bar experience for patrons.

Revenue: £7.5bn

Financial year end: December 31st

Technology providers: Accenture, Avanade, Microsoft, SAP

New appointments this year:

CTO – Sarah Haywood

Key contacts:

Head of Business Solutions – Paul Drysdale

Information Security Director – Ian Newbold