Immersive learning and flexible working

Immersive learning: The oil and gas giant will be looking to invest in immersive learning programmes that mimic the work environment and deliver faster feedback to employees. The company wants to improve staff engagement and sees immersive learning as more effective than traditional e-learning. Over the last 12 months the business developed interactive learning platforms for staff, allowing employees to interact with geological formations from their computer screen. Such interactive learning programmes are projected to cut training costs by up to 90%, replacing expensive field trips with interactive videos and graphics.

Employee engagement: Improving employee engagement is a wider goal for the business, which achieved a 76% engagement score in the recently conducted “Shell People Survey”. One way the business will be looking to improve this is by embracing flexible working and while it has already introduced flexible hours and remote working it will be looking to further develop flexibility within its benefits package. The company currently offers sport and social groups, a sharesave scheme and recently deployed Workday’s HR platform in the cloud. This platform acts as a portal for staff and allows the business to communicate and engage more effectively with its dispersed workforce.

Gender diversity: With only 22% of senior positions at the company currently held by women, we expect the business to invest in initiatives to address this gender imbalance. We predict it to focus on unconscious bias training for the management staff responsible for hiring and promotion, as it looks to close its 22.2% mean pay gap. Additionally, we know that the company will turn its attention to disability and LGBT inclusivity, investing in benefits that are more accommodating to these groups.

Revenue: £226bn

Number of employees: 102,000

Financial year end: December 31st

New appointments this year:

VP, HR UK – Monika Khullar

Other key contacts:

HR Transformation Director – Rachel Parkinson

VP Learning & Organisation Development – David Cushen