Centralised voice network and BI capabilities

Telephony: The company has recently decided to upgrade its hosted telephony solution to a more centralised unified communications platform; Cisco’s Unified Operations Manager and TelePresence Video Communication Server. This will be rolled out globally and enable real-time monitoring of its entire network, with Cisco 1040 sensors in place to proactively monitor voice quality. We’ve been told that there will be several follow-up projects next year and that the company is ultimately aiming to create a completely centralised voice network.

Data analytics: Additionally Renault will be developing its BI and analytics capabilities as it looks to gain a competitive advantage over its major rivals in the automotive sector. The business currently utilises “Access Insight”, an interactive and collaborative dashboard solution that is integrated with its cloud platform.

Digital transformation: Worked with Accenture to connect its vehicle software with a smartphone app, allowing Renault to remain connected to a vehicle throughout the duration of its lifecycle. The app incorporates elements such as the Internet of Things, AI, mobile networking and the cloud, and allows the company to collect more data on its vehicles, engage more effectively and therefore increase customer retention. Digital tech is developed at subsidiary Renault Digital, which was created in 2017.

New appointments this year:
CISO – Diego Baldini

Key contacts:

CIO – Frederic Vincent