Aer Lingus

Recruitment drive and benefits to attract female talent

Expansion plan: The airline has launched a major recruitment drive and is aiming to increase the number of female pilots that it employs. While it has over 100 direct entry pilot positions available in the first instance, this number is likely to increase next year as the company pursues an ambitious expansion plan. It recently publicised its growth strategy and is hoping to increase the size of its North Atlantic fleet from 17 to 30 aircraft by 2023. We expect the business to invest in its benefits package in the new year as it looks to become a more attractive proposition and appeal to the industry’s top talent. In particular, we expect it to invest in benefits that are tailored to a female demographic and initiatives that will address the gender imbalance in the sector.

Diversity & inclusion: Committed to diversity and inclusion, signing the Diversity Charter Ireland, with a focus on Women in Leadership. The company is aiming to work with specialists in diversity and inclusion to ensure that it broadens its recruitment scope and is incorporating diversity into its leadership and professional development programmes. While 48% of staff at the company are female, these staff only make up 33% of leadership roles. We expect the business to invest in areas such as succession planning and unconscious bias training to improve this balance, particularly for the management staff in charge of recruitment and promotion.

Revenue: £1.66bn

Employee numbers: 4,000

HR Providers: NGA Human Resources

Key contacts:

Director of HR Operations – Carmel Walsh

Chief People Officer – Brian Bowden

Lead HR Business Partner – Deirdre Hayes