A reason to connect

All of our reports outline the latest developments and challenges at brands that are great indicators of upcoming investments or reviews. Whether you decide to make initial contact via email, LinkedIn or phone, using our insights as part of your approach will undoubtedly improve your engagement rate with the individuals you're targeting.

Think laterally, act proactively

The decision-makers we interview regularly identify specific areas they are reviewing, but they also discuss business challenges and objectives that could potentially be solved in many different ways. To get the most from a Pearlfinders report you should always be thinking laterally about how your business could help.

Always follow our suggested actions

Some of the reports you read will indicate immediate needs from brands, but many set out clear timelines for potential requirements in the future. It is essential that you follow the suggested actions and timelines to see the best results. Also note how the individual prefers to be contacted - if they ask for an email in the first week of January, this will be the most effective approach!