how to conduct a Data Audit

One essential task you will need to complete to ensure you are GDPR compliant is a Data Audit. If you’ve not already done this, here is some simple guidance:

A step-by-step guide:

  1. Examine all the data you hold across each area of your business: sales; marketing; HR; admin. This will require buy-in and participation across all departments of your business, to ensure all data is considered.
  2. Consider how this data had been collected in the first instance. Was it done on the phone, by email, or face-to-face?
  3. Look at how you are currently storing this data. Is it on your CRM, on individuals’ emails? Personal devices? Shared Drives?
  4. Calculate how much of the data you hold is a) simply never used or b) extremely old. Delete this data. 
  5. Update your data retention policies.
  6. Review all the technology platforms – e.g. CRM systems – you have in place to manage data processing.
  7. Document all of the above.

How Pearlfinders can help:-

Following GDPR there will be a legal requirement for all companies to keep accurate data and go through regular minimisation processes. Pearlfinders includes details of over 50,000 decision-makers at the top 2,000 UK companies. All of these are updated on a 90 day rolling cycle, with all individuals being informed that their details are kept every quarter to ensure full transparency.

Pearlfinders provides reasons to connect with brands, making sure you’re only going to be processing data that’s relevant to your role.