Pearlfinders' insight is not just designed to provide a reason to connect with new companies. It will help you grow and retain existing clients. Here's how...

Never miss a thing - Add your clients to a watch list. If we interview them, cover a new appointment or any major development, it will be highlighted in your feed. If you’ve not logged in you’ll get an email alert to remind you to take a look.  

Expand your network – You may have a close relationship with certain individuals in the marketing department, but are you showcasing your full capabilities across its entirety. Our organogram-style charts allow you to view all marketers in a business that sign off on agency appointments. 

Competitor activity – Want to know who your client’s competitors are and what they’re up to in your area? Scroll to the bottom of any company page and view a full list of competitors. Click through to check out our latest insights to help you pitch to them or inform discussions with your clients. 

Navigating the Labyrinth – Generally, the bigger the company, the more convoluted the procurement and sign-off process can be. Use Pearlfinders to identify all of the key personnel at a company you need to engage.

Roving Eyes – Nobody wants to find out that one of their clients is looking elsewhere, but I think most would agree that picking up on this early enables you to do everything you can to retain an account. 

Trends & inspiration – From developing new services, to ensuring you remain a trusted advisor to your clients, it’s essential to keep on top of what people are saying and doing in the markets you operate in. Perhaps what’s keeping one decision-maker awake at night might be a challenge for one of your clients too...