The more you personalise your settings the more relevant the content you see will be, and the more tailored Pearlfinders will be to your objectives. So log into your User Settings and adjust accordingly... 


Who do you target? - Refine what content appears in your feed based on the sectors, services and global markets you target. This can be adjusted at any time, so if you want to switch your focus from week to week just check or un-check the appropriate boxes. 

Who do you want to keep an eye on? - Perhaps you'd like to keep tabs on what all your clients are up to? Or maybe you have a list of dream clients? You can add any company to a watchlist by clicking the heart on a company page. You can make as many different watchlists as you like, and we’ll highlight any reports, appointments and developments relating to companies on them in your feed as we feature them. If you’ve not logged in within three hours of one of your watched brands being featured, we'll send an email alert. 

The Review Diary - When our research team discovers the date of a future supplier review they add it to the Review Diary. Your diary will automatically populate with the reviews most relevant to your User Settings. You can also add or customise review dates, sync reviews with your Outlook calendar and alert colleagues to reviews.  

Saved Searches - There will be certain keyword searches and sectors that work really well to help you identify hot prospects. We recommend running these regularly to spot less obvious opportunities. For convenience, you can save these sets of criteria so you can run the same search again in a few weeks and pick up any new reports. 

Alerts - Some people like lots of reminders, others prefer a more streamlined inbox. We recommend you go into your User Settings and select whether you want to receive a daily email on the reports we've published or receive alerts when a company on your watchlist is featured.