We recommend keeping Pearlfinders open in a tab running throughout the day. Our feed updates in real time and we want to ensure you’re aware of everything that can assist you in winning new clients. When you get into the office each morning - while the kettle's boiling - log on to Pearlfinders to bring you up to date with clients, prospects and other brands you should be targeting throughout the day.


A reason to connect

All of our reports outline the latest developments and challenges at brands that are great indicators of upcoming investments or reviews. Whether you decide to make initial contact via email, LinkedIn or phone, using our insights as part of your approach will undoubtedly improve your engagement rate with the individuals you're targeting.

The more you put in, the more clients you’ll get out

As a new subscriber, you now have access to thousands of reports each year outlining the challenges being faced by budget-holders at the companies you are targeting. How you use and interpret these will determine the amount of ROI you receive from your subscription. 

Think laterally, act proactively

If you sit waiting for the perfect report, in which a budget-holder says they need your precise services, you’ll miss all kinds of great insight that could be helping you to intelligently connect with a range of companies. Alongside each report you’ll see a company page which shows you multiple contacts across the brand. If we’ve outlined a challenge being felt by a department that’s not relevant to your particular area of marketing, we encourage you use this to network across the department to your desired area.

Don't just think short term

Some of the reports you read could indicate immediate needs from brands, but Pearlfinders is designed for longer-term prospecting and pipeline building. Ensure you’re not just focused on the quick-wins and target brands with upcoming needs throughout the year.

Use everything you’re paying for

There’s probably a lot more to Pearlfinders than you know about, but as a minimum ensure you’ve personalised your settings, set up your email alerts how you want them, and have registered all the colleagues you want using the system.